Friday, 16 November 2012

Powerful, Intelligent Screen Capture and Tracking - qTrace


I wanted to share with you an application we use during software testing called qTrace.  It really is a great application and could probably be utilised for evidential capture as well.  We are in no way affiliated with the company that makes qTrace (apart from using their software); however, it is definitely worth a look.

For us as a company, qTrace solves a number of different problems:

  1. Assisting with the software testing process by allowing Test Engineers to easily record their actions during software testing cycles;
  2. Allowing step by step procedures to be recorded and documented as well as capturing environmental information such as OS, memory and version information;
  3. Allowing us to directly submit issues to our issue tracking and test management systems;
  4. Allowing customers to use the free version of qTrace to record step by step instructions when a support issue arises, thereby allowing our Support Engineers to quickly identify the cause of a problem.  Customers can submit the output from qTrace directly to us.

When a qTrace session has been completed, the editor opens a screen which looks like Figure 1 below.  The qTrace output can also be saved in PDF or Microsoft Word document format.


QTrace Editor

Figure 1 qTrace Editor


The editor shows the step by step actions taken by the user when using the application under test.  Each of the screens can be annotated.  The resulting output is a fraction of the size of a full video screen capture, and is far more flexible.

I can think of a number of different uses outside of software testing, so I am sure the investigators out there can think of a number of different applications. 

Here is the example qTrace file from a NetAnalysis session:

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